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Geesink Studio

Geesink Studio is a vintage Amsterdam company, founded in the 1940's. In those days animation was created wiht drawings or with dolls. Being a doll-person the founder Joop created DOLLYWOOD studio's (a combination of Hollywood and Doll).

The Dollywood Studio was very famous and succesfull, having projects for professional customers from all over the world. Their doll-films were all created in Amsterdam by a creative team of around about 150 men and women. Most of their films where short-films produced for the advertising industry.

In 1972 owner Joop Geesink invented ***Loeki de Leeuw***. A charcter to be used in-between dutch tv-commercials to lighten up the advertising-blocks. Loeki de Leeuw prooved to be enormously succesfull and became a national treasure and a national symbol before also going international.

Today Geesink Studio is run by Louise Geesink, daughter of Joop. Since 1984 she uses her graphic design skills in good cooperation with illustrator Wil Raymakers to continue the legacy of Loeki de Leeuw by creating the ***Loeki de Leeuw comic*** as well as many other new characters for dutch and for international projects.

In cooperation with Geesink Studio we offer you merchandise of both, the heritage Loeki de Leeuw and the new designy comic-Loeki.