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Comic Watch

Comic Watch is owned by Sytse Algera.

**Sytse Algera** is a writer, editor and police-officer in The Netherlands. His love for comics, his efforts to promote American comic books in The Netherlands and his work in editing and translating superhero and fantasy comics was the beginning of his comic-career.

In 2009, thanks to his cooperation with the Editor of Eppo Magazine, he met up with Patrick van Oppen. In 'real life' Algera had a good career in the dutch policeforce. Together with van Oppen he combined his policeforce experience and the created the DE VRIES series. A realistic comic series about a reporter.

In 2012 his second book VUURDOOP was nominated for the dutch Stripschapspenning (which is similar to the Eisner Award in the United States).
You may also know Algera from the three-part series CELL. This is a much more than avarage comics series for a number of reasons. Working with the polish artist Przemyslaw Klosin he created a unique set of artwork portraying the Amsterdam Airport, terrorism and dutch politics an a unusual way.

Here at COMIC2ART we offer artwork from the artist Apriyadi Kusbiantoro (Indonesia) from the ongoing '**Untold tales of Lemuria**'. This scifi fantasy series is set in the long lost continent of Lemuria and tells a story with lots of action. The amazing artwork of Apriyadi Kusbiantoro can meet the standard of great classic artists such as Frank Hampson and Lon Lawrence for example.

Since 2012 Algera is working on the series 24/7. Telling the story of dutch policemen in The Hague and cooperating again with van Oppen, this series is a top comic story with lots of elements of the real world. His work for the Ministeriy of Safety in the Netherlands gives him the opportunity to get his content 'first hand' and create a police series that is acclaimed by many professionals in the police and safety community. Not only in The Netherlands but also in Belgium, Germany, Switserland, Austria and Spain.



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