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Boom Art Department

Richard Boom started out in the comic industry as your regular fanboy, just reading comics and enjoying it even more due to the internet and making contact with creators. As his contact list grew, so did his interest in the complete field of comic.
Starting up a hugely popular Bad Grrl Comics Fan club- via Yahoo Groups-  in 2001 was the first step to go further then his own living room. Soon thereafter he began setting up fan-websites for Arthur Suydam, Eric Basaldua, Broadsword Comics and focusing on titles like Vampirella, Cavewoman, Hack/Slash and more... During a visit to a Belgium convention (F.A.C.T.S.) he even started working with the organization and since 2006 he has been officially affiliated with this convention, helping them when and where he can; from seeking sponsorships, contacting artists to be their guests to actually helping to manage the Artist Alley.
At this convention he met the founder of Broken Frontier and shortly thereafter began doing headlines for this news site. Later he founded the website COMICSFORSINNERS which more resembles his prior BadGrrl fanclub. Nowadays Richard dabbles in editing comics, doing comic book PR, translating comics, stopped working at FACTS in 2016 and has collected so many Hot Mummy sketches that he started developing an itch that could only be scratched by creating a complete new franchise in comics called Sisterhood, while also making plans for statues, boardgames and more!


Jungle Queen Sheva

Silver Sparrow

Lady of the Horde

Harlekin Waltz